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Executive Team

Craig Monaghan


Craig Monaghan is a highly experienced Educational Leader with over two decades of international school leadership experience across multiple countries, including New Zealand, Egypt, Germany, Portugal, and China. Throughout his career, Mr Monaghan has led schools that follow a diverse range of curricula, including International Baccalaureate, National Curriculum of England and Wales, IGCSE and A-levels, New Zealand National curriculum, International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and the American Middle States Curriculum.

In addition to his extensive leadership experience, Mr Monaghan has also served as a Council of International Schools accreditor and is a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC), a prestigious UK body of Heads from Eton, Harrow, and King’s, to name a few. His experience working in vastly different contexts has enabled him to develop a wide range of leadership skills and a formidable reputation for school improvement and growth.

Mr Monaghan is driven by his strong educational beliefs, which prioritise the needs of students in the Schools he leads. He works tirelessly to ensure that the best possible academic experiences and wider opportunities are provided to students under his care. With his wealth of experience and dedication to educational excellence, Mr Monaghan is an invaluable addition to any School community. We are incredibly fortunate to have him with us, and we look forward to benefiting from his leadership for years to come as we strive to become a School of choice in Perth.

Julie Wall

Head of Primary School

Julie Wall is an experienced Primary School teacher who migrated to Australia from England and has extensive experience in teaching, leadership and curriculum in both countries. She also has experience working with children with disabilities and proven expertise in formulating programs that develop skills and engage students to become involved in their learning. Julie has a strong, genuine passion to not only motivate her students, but to teach them how to learn in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable. She continuously upgrades her skills in emerging digital and design technologies to develop and implement ICT programs.

Kelly Dwyer

Head of Teaching & Learning (Y7-12)

Kelly is a highly qualified and experienced teaching professional, with leadership experience across a broad range of sectors. She has worked at a number of leading Perth schools, as both an academic and pastoral leader and brings to St. Andrew’s Grammar a wealth of experience and a passion for ensuring that all students grow into amazing young people, ready to positively impact the community they are about to enter. Kelly is skilled in classroom instruction, innovative pedagogy, strategic planning, and curriculum development, and is looking forward to providing students at St. Andrew’s many pathways to success.

Leon Maag

Head of Wellbeing (Y7-12)

Mr Maag has been working in the education for over 20 years in Western Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Education in 2000 from Curtin University.  He has taught primarily in the independent sector and has worked in regional locations throughout Western Australia most prominently in the south-west. In 2006 Mr Maag was offered a scholarship to further his study in education and completed a Graduate Certificate in Education. Mr Maag has worked in Education Leadership since 2007. His positions have included Learning Support Coordinator, Christian Service Learning Coordinator, Head of Year and Head of House.  He brings a wealth of experience to the Head of Wellbeing role. 

Jason Tutty

Head of Policy Development & Compliance

Jason Tutty joined St Andrew’s Grammar in 2021 after five years in the Catholic Education System in the Northern Territory, where he was a Director of Curriculum and Pedagogy. Prior to this he held academic and pastoral roles in management and leadership teams at high achieving English curriculum Schools in North London and Kuala Lumpur. Mr Tutty has over nine years of experience implementing and leading excellent teaching practice across the whole School with a focus upon collaborative planning, visible learning and evidence-based teaching. He understands that strong partnerships between families, students and teachers are the cornerstones of any successful College community, regardless of the variety of backgrounds, abilities and ambitions of each learner.

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