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Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s Grammar fosters the growth of independent thinkers equipped with the essential skills and capabilities to thrive in diverse settings. Rooted in Christian values, our school cultivates a supportive environment where students are nurtured and encouraged, while also being presented with safe yet stimulating opportunities to fuel their curiosity and ignite a deep love for learning and exploration.

St. Andrew’s Grammar teachers bring lessons to life, inspiring curiosity, developing a lifelong passion for learning and equipping every student to achieve academic excellence. Both in the classroom and beyond, our students enjoy a range of educational experiences to broaden thinking and deepen their learning.

From the Early Years, your child begins their journey with an inquiry-based approach to learning, presented in the form of questions and challenges, prompting investigation and problem-solving. This philosophy builds a range of real-world skills including reasoning, imagination, exploration, reflection and social interaction within your child.

At St. Andrew’s Grammar, your child has opportunities to develop their growth mindset: teaching them to believe that through hard work, perseverance, effective strategies and constructive feedback, their talents and skills can be grown over time. When students are equipped with this mindset, they positively approach challenges and learn valuable lessons, stretching themselves to achieve. Key to this is creating an environment where there are healthy relationships and trust between teachers and your child. The building and maintaining of these relationships are especially important in the Secondary Years.

Your child will seize the opportunity to take ownership of their learning through Visible Learning. This engages the child by allowing them to evaluate their progress, as well as giving teachers the tools to assess the impact they are having on your child’s learning. This sets the expectation of your child, maintaining the high standards of education at St. Andrew’s Grammar. Your child will understand themselves as a learner, develop reflective practice, develop their self-discipline and set goals in order to achieve.

Communicating effectively, working collaboratively, making decisions, negotiating and resolving conflict, all whilst developing leadership skills, is what gives your child the edge when they are at St. Andrew’s Grammar – we instil the necessary tools to develop and strengthen when navigating the real world.

Discover our Philosophy

Discover how our educational philosophy shapes learning across the Primary and Secondary Years

Learner Attributes

At St. Andrew’s Grammar we develop in our students a set of attributes that we believe will set up our young people as life long learners who consistently look at ways to develop and further their passions and interests. Our students

  • are Engaged
  • are Contributors
  • are Collaborators
  • are Critical thinkers
  • are Innovators
  • persevere
  • are independent self-managers
  • research
  • communicate
  • take care of their Wellbeing.