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St. Andrew’s Grammar sincerely appreciates the generosity of our community in supporting the School. Donations to the St. Andrew’s School Foundation help support building and grounds improvements and developments, scholarships and bursaries to give other students the opportunity to experience a St. Andrew’s Grammar education, or other important projects. We ask you to consider how you can make a positive impact on the young minds shaping the future of our community.

St. Andrew’s Grammar School Foundation

The St. Andrew’s Grammar School Foundation primarily raises funds to assist with the building and improvement of facilities. The Foundation invites you to assist with ensuring a stimulating and enriching learning environment for all St. Andrew’s Grammar students throughout their educational journey by making a donation to the Foundation.

The Foundation’s next major building project is the Secondary building, which will provide additional classrooms, learning spaces and staff offices. This new building will provide an important focus on curriculum areas that will be essential to future employment opportunities in Western Australia. The facility will provide St. Andrew’s Grammar students with the opportunity for more practical ‘hands on’ learning spaces at the School.

All donations over $2.00 to the St. Andrew’s Grammar School Foundation are tax deductible, and every contribution to the Foundation is valued and recognised.


Bequests to St. Andrew’s Grammar – however big or small – are a powerful way to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy by ensuring that future generations will benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity. If you have appreciated the benefits of a St. Andrew’s Grammar education, either directly or indirectly, you can include a bequest to the St. Andrew’s Grammar School / St. Andrew’s Grammar School Foundation when you write your Will. If you already have a Will, you can add a codicil (a legal provision) to include the bequest.

If you would like to arrange a confidential conversation about sharing your support in this way, please contact our Business Manager using the details below. Your enquiries are in no way binding and will be treated in the strictest confidence. In making a Will or any amendments, we encourage you to also seek your own personal legal advice.

How to Make a Gift Donation

If you are interested in donating, you can complete the Donation Form below or contact our Business Manager. For people wishing to make a Bequest, please fill out the Bequest Form above.

For any queries, contact: Business Manager

(08) 9303 3840