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House Structure

At St Andrew’s Grammar, our vertical House structure contributes to the feeling of community, family and belonging that we are known for. Each student is allocated a House upon enrolment, which they will stay with throughout the duration of their time at the School. Each house has both two Primary House Captains and a Secondary House Captain.

The Houses facilitate cooperation across year groups, mentoring opportunities for older students to help younger students and build healthy competition between Houses. Every year, each House holds a House Lunch with fun games and special activities for students to bond with one another and build House pride. Houses also compete against each other at Inter House Days: celebrating culture, fostering relationships and growing House spirit. Students can win points for their House, which go towards the Primary and Secondary House Championships, as well as the overall St Andrew’s Grammar House Cup. Students have a House polo as part of their uniform, worn on these special occasions.

The Houses are all named after Greek gods of ancient mythology – representative of our proud Hellenic heritage and connected to the heroic Greek values of honour, valour, duty and individual freedoms.

The Houses

[Apollo logo] Apollo (yellow)

[Artemis logo] Artemis (red)

[Demeter logo] Demeter (green)

[Poseidon logo] Poseidon (blue)