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Our Special Character

Our Values

Our students believe and live the following values: 

  • Excellence 
  • Independence 
  • Commitment 
  • Responsibility 
  • Respect 

Striving for Success

We believe that everyone has success within them. Our opportunity is to bring out the best in every child and ensure that they are acknowledged for their respective talents but also challenged to strive for improvement. Striving for Excellence is a personal quest which we challenge every child to aspire to. 

A Welcoming Christian School (Greek Orthodox) which also Celebrates Culture

St Andrew’s Grammar is a Christian School, known for nurturing honourable and kind-hearted people of good influence who are confident, compassionate and community minded. Ultimately, Philotimo (our inspired goals as a school). 

We have a unique Greek heritage; however, we are welcoming to students of all backgrounds and faiths who wish to be educated as long as they accept and adopt our values. In doing so we have an inclusive multicultural disposition.  

Our students all learn Christian values and graduate from our school knowing the characteristics of being a good person. At St. Andrew’s Grammar, the inclusion and focus on Christian values plays a crucial role in our students’ spiritual and personal development.    

To reinforce the messages received in class (students have one hour a week Religious Education) our students are encouraged to attend Church with us and celebrate the various national day celebrations or historically significant remembrance celebrations of both Australia and Greece. We believe in knowing one’s past assists students develop our future. As the great philosopher Aristotle quotes; “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.

Our Celebration of Hellenic Culture

“ if a man should partake of our culture, let him be called Hellene” Isocrates, 4th Century B.C.  

From ancient times, the language, culture, and values of the Hellenes has significantly impacted the world. Our students understand and value their own culture and the cultures of others. They learn and experience how the traditions, customs, beliefs, and rituals of the Greeks are observed in the many different national and religious occasions celebrated in and out of the school every year.

Hellenic Cultural Studies is a foundational component of St. Andrew’s Grammar providing students with an education deeply rooted in Hellenic culture, religion, heritage, customs and language. Comprehensive understanding of Hellenic culture and history, and appreciation for its universal ideals and Paideia combine to make a unique educational experience for our students. It is this dynamic interaction between learning and experiencing that makes Hellenic Cultural Studies so rewarding and exciting.