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Learning Support

Our skilled educators are dedicated to providing each student the support they need to achieve. They assist our students to enjoy their learning, pursuing their interests, developing skills needed for our future workforce, realising their strengths and stretching themselves to develop their potential.

We ensure all educators have a knowledge of each student as an individual in order to understand their learning needs and styles, talents, passions, and where they may need extra guidance. Our small class sizes mean each student receives personalised attention.

The Head of Primary School and Head of Teaching and Learning 7-12, through our Inclusive Education Coordinator, are responsible for the academic support of our students, while the Heads of Years may be involved where students require alternative support. Individualised Learning Plans are developed for students who have specific learning needs, with teachers well placed to ensure these plans are implemented across both our Primary and Secondary schools.

Our reporting and thorough assessment processes allow for regular insights into student progress, which guides teacher planning and programming. Students may be placed on longer term support and mentoring programs reflecting the progress made of each individual student.

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