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Senior Years

The Senior Years at St. Andrew’s Grammar is the part of the educational journey where students take even more responsibility for their own learning and success. Shaping their own destiny, students enjoy a range of the highest quality opportunities that will lead them directly to their field of interest. The Senior Years become even more important in ensuring that individual pathways can be determined and implemented, ensuring that each young person will be able to succeed in life after school.

Your Child’s School Day

Secondary School students are expected to be on campus by 8.30am for an 8.40am start.

The day finishes at 3.20pm.

The daily timetable can be different for each student, depending on the Pathway they are undertaking. Along with subject lessons, Year 11 and 12 students are provided with a number of private study, Orthodox and Physical Education lessons per week.

If VET courses are part of a student’s pathway, students may also undertake study off-campus one day a week.

Understanding Your Child’s Progress

The reporting policy for Year 10 and 11 students continues from the Middle Years with a formal report at the end of Semester 1 and a final report at the end of Semester 2. Students also receive an interim report at the end of Term 1. Year 12 students receive a report at the end of Term 1 and Semester 1 only. A final Statement of Results is provided at Graduation.

SEQTA messages are received directly by parents in real time so that they can understand not only academic progress, but positive and negative behaviours are also highlighted.

The School provides formal opportunities for discussion at Parent-Teacher Interview Evenings. Teachers may also provide reports or updates on their child’s progress informally, if required or requested by parents.


In Year 10, students are still required to complete a broad range of compulsory units, in addition to some electives. Compulsory subjects include Maths, English, Science, HASS and Health and Physical Education. Students are also expected to complete Orthodox or Values classes. There are a number of electives students can choose from in areas of Performance Arts, Visual Arts, Food Technology, and Modern Greek.

Year 11 and 12, students choose a range of subject dependent on their preferred career pathway. These subjects include ATAR level, General level and Vocational pathway subjects.

Download the Subject Selection Handbook here.

Subject Selections

At the end of Semester 1, Year 10 students are provided with subject selection options for Year 11 and 12. In consultation with the Head of Teaching and Learning 7-12 and VET Coordinator, students can select from a range of subjects to create the best pathway towards a career, post-school. Subjects are chosen followed by a meeting between the Head of Teaching and Learning, parents and the students to ensure subject will allow for success for each student and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge for their desired pathway.

Read more about the Pathway options for Years 11 and 12 here.