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Co-Curricular Opportunities

As part of St. Andrew’s Grammar School’s mission to provide students with a range of high-quality opportunities to find and follow their passions, we encourage students across all years to engage with co-curricular activities. With a variety of sports, academic, cultural and arts experiences on offer, there is something for everyone.

View the 2024, Co-curricular activities booklet here.


St. Andrew’s Grammar has very strong programs in the field of football (soccer), badminton and netball, as well as offering volleyball, basketball, swim, athletics and fitness clubs and activities.

St. Andrew’s Grammar was a founding School in the Perth Glory Football Club’s Perth Glory Academy program, offering elite coaching for talented young footballers who are accepted into the program. Read more about the School’s Perth Glory Academy here.

In 2022, we introduced the St. Andrew’s Grammar Badminton Academy, which offers specialised training from accredited badminton coaches. Requiring a try-out process, the Badminton Academy is designed for students who excel in the sport, to develop their skills to a high level in a small group setting. The School also offers a Badminton Club in selected terms, open to all students in Years 5-12 regardless of ability, for fun and exercise.

The Dianella Spartans Soccer Club was inspired by our dedicated parents, coaches and students with a love of the game and gives students the opportunity to gain skills, grow in confidence and enjoy competing in Football West’s Junior Competition. Recently, we have also added a St. Andrew’s Grammar Spartans Netball Club for both boys and girls from Year 8, competing in the Noranda Netball Association’s competition.

The Arts

St. Andrew’s Grammar offers students inspired by the arts opportunities to grow their skills and enjoy participating in activities across a range of arts disciplines which fosters creativity, confidence and communication skills, students who are interested in the performing arts can join the School Band, the Junior Choir or Primary Singers, Dance Club, Greek Dance or Drama Club. There are also music lessons for students learning an instrument to receive dedicated attention. Many of the performing arts activities give students the opportunity to perform in public at special events throughout the year, allowing students to build self-esteem performing in front of their peers, parents and the community.

For students interested in pursuing visual arts, the School has an Art co-curricular option that exposes students to techniques and process across different mediums including painting, screen printing, painting and sculpture. Other arts clubs sometimes on offer include Film Society and Knitting Club.

Academic, STEM and Humanities

Students who want to extend their thinking across academic fields, may choose to engage in our STEM or Humanities-aligned co-curricular activities. This may include developing STEM-related building skills in LEGO clubs, Homework Clubs for maths or reading, science activities in STEM club, Debate or Mock Trial, and Creative Writing.  In addition, students who love to be challenged to think logically, laterally and strategically may enjoy Chess Club, Backgammon, Card games, Board games or Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

Outdoor or Community Activities

In Year 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 we offer the full camp experience. Having students enjoy each other’s company whilst being extended mentally and physically is an experience where most students always remember. Hence, we hold these opportunities dear to our educational offering.

The School’s environmental and gardening clubs support students who want to make a difference to the physical environment of their world, while the Service Committee is an outlet for students who want to help others and fundraise for worthy causes in their community.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award combines activities across service to others, developing a skill, physical activity and an Adventurous Journey in an internationally recognised program. Facilitated by the School, students can work through the program across a period of time to achieve their Bronze, Silver or Gold levels.