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Year 12

“I am proud to be the Sports Captain of the School … I try to always wear my badge. Not right now, but yeah. It is really nice to have that name … ”

Benjaman's story

"I’ve been at St Andrew’s for three years ...

… I started in Year 10. I came all the way from Chile in South America.”

"I was received really well at the School on my trial day ... "

A thriving community

… Three people came up to me and asked ‘do you play basketball?’ They took me straight to the courts and we started playing. They were really approachable…I don’t have any family at the School. The language was a little bit difficult at the beginning and in year 10 I could like barely speak English. But now I’m more fluent … I still have some trouble but the EAL/D classes really helped.”

Family at the heart

"St Andrew’s Grammar is wonderful. It’s a small community and every teacher knows you."

“I have one sister — she’s the youngest in the family, she’s six years old. We speak Spanish and are trying to keep the language in the family. There’s a [Chilean] community here. Every 18th of September we celebrate the independence of Chile. I have participated in that twice already. I’m one of the dancers there.”

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Hear Benjamin describe his experience at St. Andrew's Grammar.

You walk down to the canteen and everyone recognises you. Everyone shares the same sense of community.