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Year 6

“It’s a really open space and the teachers are really nice as well. They give out personal work that suits you. Like if you are a bit ahead, they’ll give you extension or if you need some support.”

Ethan's story

"I was born in Australia but all my family were born in China."

“We don’t really follow a faith but I have a Chinese background. We celebrate Chinese New Year which is later in the year which means I get to celebrate New Year twice.”

"Everyone was really supportive."

Supporting academic achievement

“I was really proud of doing the Academic Challenge. It’s a bunch of different topics and also just general knowledge, trivia, stuff like movie sports and all kinds of stuff. Before the Challenge I had to practice a lot, memorise a lot of capital cities and stuff, so my teacher gave me some insight and tips on how to study and my, my parents at home helped me practice and stuff. Everyone was really supportive. There were 30 or 40 other schools and our group came first!”

Great aspirations

“It's a small school, so everyone knows each other.”

“It’s a great place. The teachers are nice. Classrooms are really good. It’s a feeling of inclusion… all the teachers know all the students.”

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Hear Ethan describe his experience at St. Andrew's Grammar.

When I grow up, I might want to play basketball, or if that doesn’t work out, maybe become a pilot. My friend really, really wants to get into professional basketball, so I joke that I could become his personal helicopter pilot if he makes it.