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Year 12

“I’m a very sporty person. I like sport a lot, but recently I’ve started liking maths — no really! Yeah. I enjoy maths a lot.”

Jovan's story

"My parents were immigrants. They immigrated from Macedonia...

…They have been living in Australia since then. I was born here a year after they came. At home we only speak the language.”

"The great thing about St. Andrew’s...

A welcoming, multicultural community

…is that it’s not like one culture dominates or anything. It’s very culturally diverse. It makes you more aware of other cultures. And it’s nice to learn about other people’s backgrounds.”

Supporting every student

"My first year here was hard at first...

…most of the kids that I was here with had been here since Primary School. For me, coming from like a public school, it was like a different. I wasn’t used to wearing the uniform and people would like help me get my tie together and get used to how everything is done here. Like I had friends and teachers to help me catch up on work.”

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Hear Jovan describe his experience at St. Andrew's Grammar.

One day I want to inspire the kids from Macedonia. I love basketball — there’s not been many basketball players from Macedonia. If I could become a basketball player and inspire kids, that’d be great. That’s my goal right now.