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Year 12

“It’s a very diverse community, but it’s like a family…”

Nicholas' story

"It doesn't matter what walk of life you come from...

…or what religion, you’re all best friends, you know.”

"I’ve got two younger sisters here. They’re in Year 6, and my family is really involved with the School."

A proud Hellenic tradition...

“My dad’s Greek and my mum’s from England. My mum took on the Orthodox faith when they married. Both of my grandparents [on my dad’s side] were born here so I’m like third generation Australian. [Dad and I], we’ve gone back to Greek lessons together and we’ve been like “we’re going to reclaim the mother tongue”. I think he’s proud of us — my sisters know more Greek language and culture than me because they’ve been here longer. But I’ve only been here for three or so years and I’ve picked up so much just by being around Greek people, you know?”

...with a diverse and inclusive culture.

A place where every student is known and cared for.

“The School is really supportive. Like, if you’re writing something for English, there are so many teachers here you can go to for help, and they have so much knowledge and can give you so much feedback. There’s a lot of support in whatever you want to do — maths, science, sport, whatever you need.”

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Hear Nicholas describe his experience at St. Andrew's Grammar.

Being School Captain, and Vice Captain last year, I think I just want to have a positive impact on people and set a good example for how people should go about life – like taking pride in themselves, upholding the School ethos.